A Magic Way to Hygge

Posted on February 15 2019

Hyyging is my favorite winter activity. 

Here are some things I like to use.

Click to download the full size, printable files.


And here are a couple of bonus tricks I love.

1. Faux wood burning stove

This really does make me feel like I'm sitting by a fire.

2. Candle with a balsa wood wick.

These wooden wicks are amazing. They make a very satisfying crackling noise as they burn. I like a smokey scented candle for extra effect.

3. Hot Water Bottle

I really learned about using a hot water bottle while I was on an island in Scotland.  It was really a bit life changing in England. Just fill with hot water and take this to bed with you. Or if you're like me in England, just carry it around.

And if you don't have a hot water bottle, I recommend

4. A cat. Sit under it. 

note: some dogs also work.




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