Is everyone You know freaking out right now?

Posted on May 17 2019

Let's get real about this full moon in Scorpio

So, I was having this total freakout and started texting back and forth with my best friend in the world. Turned out she was freaking out too. And we know each other so well that we were kind of like "Well it makes sense that you're upset about this even though it's none-sense, because of this trauma in your past... blah blah blah.

Since I knew the full moon is coming tomorrow, and bringing with it a boatload of past trauma work, I thought it was just poking our traumas and giving us an opportunity to heal them. (Thanks, Universe - eye roll) Which IS happening, but additionally, We'd both fallen into a trap.

You know the one. You're walking along grabbing coins and jumping over shit and suddenly you bump into a small brick, a feather pops out and you become a flying raccoon. And then you're flying around in the sky like "AAAAAaaa I am not prepared for this badassery!"

So what is this moon REALLY about??


So if you are also freaking out, that means you're also leveling up right now.

This is great news. 1. We're leveling up. 2. We get to do that together. 

The Universe might be throwing some weird shit at you right now, but take a deep breath. It's just spring cleaning to get you to the next level. Right now, we're being shown all of the too tight jeans we shoved in the back of the closet five years ago. It isn't so that we can feel bad about our past traumas, although that might also happen and that's okay. It's so that we can Kondo that shit. 

So here is what I propose between now and Sunday for this full moon.


Light a white candle to connect. Take some DEEEEEEEP breaths until you feel more relaxed and think about this. You are leveling up and it's scary. It's scary because you don't yet have the tools for your new level. You're leaving a safe land and flying up into the unknown. There will be new pipes, portals and coins up there. And yes, there might also be a fire ball shooting, flying turtle or two. And you might die once. But you will learn. You will figure out where to fly and you will master this level. And yes, things might be harder in this new level, but the rewards will also be greater. 

So deep breath. You're upleveling. 

Be kind to yourself. Take a salt bath. Light candles. Meditate. Prepare to get to even greater levels where you may find yourself in a giant, green, hopping boot.

Much love,


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