Aligning with Retrograde

Posted on March 06 2019

Warning, entering retrograde. Big or small shifts to be expected.

Retrograde is in full flow in Pisces and you might be experiencing some small shifts, or some big ones if you’re like me!

Even the small shifts during this retrograde are creating a ripple effects. Just because something is small, doesn’t mean it can’t have a massive impact on the eco system of your life. After all, life is made of tiny moments.

This might sound a little scary, but actually it’s good news. We can harness that power. So sci fi. Love it. The key is aligning to your values and goals. AND tonight is the new moon, so it's a perfect time to start! 

My favorite way to harness the M.R. power is through an altar. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t even have to be spiritual. It just has to have focus. Because this retrograde is especially about the little waves, the best way to use that energy is by getting super clear on a goal and remind ourselves every day to take a small step in the direction of that goal. 

Start by writing down your main (current) goal. You can always focus on another one next moon cycle. Then write down the three things you’re working on right now to get to that goal. 

If that’s enough of a reminder for you, awesome you’re done. Stick it on the wall or in your already created altar space.

Personally I like an altar. It helps me remember how important it is to stay focused and I can't not see it when I wake up. It also gives me a space to meditate about my goals and desires.

I have a couple of traditional retrograde assistants on the altar, like frankincense and fluorite. But more importantly, I have things here that are directly related to my goals. A green luck candle for prosperity, Citrine for manifestation, quartz for clarity, a powerful, felted stone from Iceland and a photo of Bjork to remind me to be authentic.

I also like to use a Pinterest Vision Board.

I love making vision boards, but I was moving around so much that I switched from poster board to Pinterest. You can still go the traditional route (which I love) and cut up magazines, photos, books and anything else to create your actual vision board, but you can also boil down a few focused things on a Pinterest board. As long as you look at it often enough to be reminded of your desires.

I wanna see your altar! Hash tag it with #hedgealtar, so I can check it out!






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