New Moon Worksheet

Posted on April 16 2018

Hello Lovelies!

Today is the new moon in Aries which is a key time to plan out the future. Aries is a high momentum time (have you been feeling it? My weeks have been flying by like mad) so the seeds we plan now have a strong base to grow from.


This is a Blueprint Worksheet that I made for myself and am sharing with you. 

The top row are the houses of our lives. 

In the second row, write how you would like to feel about this aspect of your life.

In the third row, write down how you can start to feel that feeling without material evidence. I.E. Daydream, put on fancy shoes and pretend, etc.

In the fourth row, write down easy first steps you can take in the direction of how you want to feel. I.E. Clean room, do yoga, have a green juice a day etc.

In the fifth row, put down what shows up as your next action. I leave this blank until something turns up in the next few days. Like if I want to get more connected to my body and a friend is doing a specific sugar cleanse, and it sounds appealing to me.

This system works best if you do step three (practice feeling the feelings), and step two (easiest first action) over and over again. I try to do them every day or every other day.





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