Creating Your Altar

Posted on September 26 2019

Hi Hedgies!

I've been promising this post about how I use my altar for a while now, and honestly I had to do a lot of thinking before writing this.

I didn't actually have a method for this until recently, but now I've boiled down my exact altar building formula!

The first rule of magic is that you have to believe it or it doesn't work. 
Therefor an altar has to resonate with you personally. You could copy someone else's altar exactly and it would probably do nothing for you at all.

Method to create an altar

1. Pull together a group of objects that inspire you. 

What I mean by "inspire" is that they give you a positive feeling in your gut. 

Here is my mess of things and my empty altar. 

2. Using your intuition,
put the most inspiring objects onto your altar.

I always include a photo or image relating to whatever it is I'm trying to create. I don't show these images to the public. It's important to protect your goals from negative energy from others.
So in this post, I'm showing the pic of a New Orleans Shotgun house I focussed on to manifest my current (awesome) living situation.
(p.s. it worked.)

3. Organize the objects you've chosen 
in a way that feels good to you.

Here's mine.

3. Spend some time thinking about what each item on the altar means to you. 

I treat this part like a tarot reading. If you pick your objects intuitively and then think about their actual meaning, you'll gain some clarity about the direction you are currently headed in. 

I also leave a space for a weekly or biweekly oracle card on mine.

Here's an illustrated example of my altar break down

4. Lastly, post a pic of your altar on Instagram and tag me so I can share it!

You can remove anything you're currently manifesting if it feels like people would know what it means and be able to send negative energy towards it.

Let me know what you thought about this blog post! I'm always excited to hear from you. If you like this kind of thing and want it delivered directly to your inbox, sign up for the Monthly Moon Newsletter. There's more to come. 

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