March Moon Calendar Download

Posted on March 01 2017

Do you ever think to yourself that your life could do with a bit of magic?

I'm talking about the kind of magic that reminds you that the world we

live in is just a bit fantastic. 

Like those nights when you look up and the moon seems to be twice as

close to the Earth as usual, or when you find an amazing knobbly, moss

covered stick in the forest.

Objects like this basically keep me going when I have to do things like

making spreadsheets. I know, I still have to make spreadsheets.

Why isn't there a robot for that yet?

I love surrounding myself with bits of every day magic and I love sharing

those things with my friends too. 

So, DUN DUN DUN!!! Here is your monthly calendar printout!

Add some joy and sparkle (but not literally cuz I don't know how to do

that in a print) to your day. Click this image to print print print!

Stay magic!




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