Clearing Ritual Bath

Posted on August 22 2018

With the intensive energy of Mercury Retrograde receding into the distance, I thought we could all use a little restart.

We are still in Mars retrograde until August 27th, but with Mercury out of the way, Mars Retrograde has positive potential, as it has the power to propel us forward in our career and other projects. Get ready to leave stagnation in the dust... or at least in the water.

This ritual will help you let all the retrograde go and move forward fluidly.


1. Crystals - I suggest any of the following for this particular move from Mercury to Mars: Citrine for joy and success, quartz for spiritual growth and rose quartz for feminine power and love. Feel free to choose or add your own stones as well. (Note, I have put selenite in my photo to cleanse blockages in the body and mind, but this will not go in the water, as it can dissolve the stone)

2. Rose essential oil 

3. White and pink rose petals 

4. Three sprigs of Rosemary (three is sacred, when in doubt, use three)

5. A candle

6. Palo santo (or sage)

7. Wine (or your preferred drink. I.E. Whiskey, Kombucha etc) 

8. Sea salt

9. Water from a local source (This is your closest river, stream, ocean, sea etc. If you don't have access to said sources, you can also put sea salt in your tap water, place that water onto your alter and bless it before use.) I'm using water, pictured here, from the Great Stour River which runs behind my cottage. 


The Ritual:

Cleanse your space with the palo santo or sage before you start. (light your sage or palo santo and allow it to smoulder like incense. Move the sage/wood around and waft the smoke to clear the energy of your space) 

Run your bath water and once the tub is full add two cups of sea salt, the quartz, rose quartz and citrine, rosemary sprigs, 5 drops of rose oil and the rose petals. 

Anoint the candle with the rose oil (Put a little oil onto your thumb and then transfer that to the candle) and then light it. 

If you're using stones that can not go in the water, place them safely nearby or on the edge of the tub. 

Lower yourself into your magical soup and visualise it lightly pulling off all the murky energy you may have picked up during Mercury Retrograde.

Relax and focus on the positive energy from the water and the smells of the bath. 

Let your mind drift. 

When you are ready, bring an intention into your mind for this transition of energies. What will you accomplish this coming month? I'll tell you that my intention is to put my witchy self out there. To share more of these types of rituals and ideas and face my fears of rejection and persecution. #witchyproblems

While visualising your intention, imagine that you feel absolute clarity about it. Just imagine the feeling of clarity without focussing on what that might mean. 

When you are ready, pull the plug and stay in the tub until all the water has drained out. Visualise all the negative energy flowing down the drain and into the Earth, being grounded and reintegrated into the universal energy system. 

Rise up and do a self blessing: 

Note that "Blessed" is pronounced bless - ed, ladies - we are witches after all) 

Anoint your third eye - "Blessed be my spiritual eye that connects me to the above"

Anoint your throat - "Blessed be my voice which allows me to be heard"

Anoint your solar plexus - "Blessed be my heart that feels the world"

Anoint your womb - "Blessed be my womb that holds my creative power" 

Anoint your knees - "Blessed be my knees that kneel to the greater powers"

Anoint your feet - "Blessed be my feet that walk this path"

Pour your wine, kombucha, whiskey, limeade or whatever and take a sip. 

Dry off and either take the sacred drink outside and pour it back into the Earth or if you're an urban witchster, put it in a potted plant.

The ritual is complete.


"Blessed be"




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