Monthly Moon - October

Posted on October 01 2020

Hello Hedges,

Happy Spooky Month! There is some wild astrology floating around for October and I want you to buckle up for more potential upheaval. That being said, we all need to stay as centered as possible to keep growing as people during this insane time.

I pulled the Wheel of Fortune tarot card for October as a guide for all of us.

The snake represents both the Ouroboros and the Egyptian god of evil. Therefor we see an image of evil eating itself. It's a reminder to stay strong through this coming month. The Wheel of fortune also represents karma and personal life paths. It's more important than ever that you give yourself as much as possible to your true calling, whether that's making art, bringing people together or writing code. Keep the energy up by doing what you love.

We can't pretend shitty things aren't happening all around us right now, but we can take care of ourselves and each other by doing the things we love. We have one month until the big boss battle of November 3rd.

Let this phone background remind you that when you are taking positive action, (i.e. calling voters, doing what you love, raising your amazing kids to understand systemic racism) you are part of something much bigger.


Download Your Background Here





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