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  • Monthly Moon - October

    Posted on October 01 2020

    Hello Hedges, Happy Spooky Month! There is some wild astrology floating around for October and I want you to buckle up for more potential upheaval. That being said, we all...

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  • July Monthly Moon

    Posted on June 30 2020

    Seems like only yesterday I went into quarantine with my roommate, Summer and our two dogs. It was, in fact, March. It's been a harrowing time of change and growth...

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  • Monthly Moon May 2020

    Posted on April 30 2020

    Let it be MAAAAAAY. Sorry Justin. Never gonna live that shit down.HELLO HEDGIES!We are in weird times these days, huh? It's a really interesting time for those of us who...

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  • Let's Color

    Posted on April 16 2020

    Hello loves! So good to see you here again! It's been a while since I've blogged (a hilarious verb btw). I got sidetracked on Patreon and it wasn't for me....

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  • Creating Your Altar

    Posted on September 26 2019

    Hi Hedgies! I've been promising this post about how I use my altar for a while now, and honestly I had to do a lot of thinking before writing this.I...

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  • Using charms on your altar!

    Posted on June 06 2019

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  • New Moon in Gemini Ritual

    Posted on June 03 2019

    Happy New Moon! Here's a little video about my own new moon ritual. I do use the F word in here, fair warning about my witchy potty mouth. Don't worry though,...

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  • Is everyone You know freaking out right now?

    Posted on May 17 2019

    Let's get real about this full moon in Scorpio So, I was having this total freakout and started texting back and forth with my best friend in the world. Turned...

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  • Full Moon In Libra Exercise

    Posted on April 19 2019

    This full moon is all about breaking old patterns, letting things go and moving forward. What are you carrying that you'd be better off without? Answer these 5 questions and...

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  • March Monthly Moon

    Posted on March 07 2019

    Click Me

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  • Aligning with Retrograde

    Posted on March 06 2019

    Warning, entering retrograde. Big or small shifts to be expected. Retrograde is in full flow in Pisces and you might be experiencing some small shifts, or some big ones if you’re...

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  • A Magic Way to Hygge

    Posted on February 15 2019

    Hyyging is my favorite winter activity.  Here are some things I like to use. Click to download the full size, printable files.   And here are a couple of bonus...

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  • Ritual to Open Light Pathway

    Posted on January 20 2019

    Download the ritual: Download the Lion Icon Card for your altar: Feel free to use my Spirit Journey to find your life mission and shine your light. Mp3 Here

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  • A Misfit's Valentine

    Posted on January 14 2019

    Once upon a time, schools didn't require every kid to give every other kid a valentine and some kids didn't get any. I know because I was that kid.We are...

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  • Desktop Magic

    Posted on December 13 2018

    Let's cover the world in magic! click image to download

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  • December Monthly Moon

    Posted on December 06 2018

    Happy Holidays!  Downloads: Android iPhone iPhone X  xo, Dana

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  • November Monthly Moon

    Posted on November 04 2018

    Grab your free phone background here! Apple Apple X Android Want it before the first of the month? SIgn up for the Hedge Newsletter and have these backgrounds delivered straight...

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  • October Monthly Moon

    Posted on October 02 2018

    Happy October, Hedgies! here comes the magic: Android iPhone iPhone X

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  • September Monthly Moon

    Posted on September 01 2018

    Download For: Android iPhone iPhone X

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  • Clearing Ritual Bath

    Posted on August 22 2018

    With the intensive energy of Mercury Retrograde receding into the distance, I thought we could all use a little restart. We are still in Mars retrograde until August 27th, but...

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  • August Monthly Moon

    Posted on July 31 2018

    The Elephant reminds us to stand in our power, yet stay compassionate. Elephants represent perseverance through challenges. I think many of us could use more of that energy right now. ...

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  • July Monthly Moon

    Posted on July 11 2018

    Download for free Android iPhone iPhone X

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  • June Monthly Moon

    Posted on June 05 2018

    Download your Monthly Moon here!   Android iPhone iPhoneX

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  • May Monthly Moon

    Posted on June 05 2018

    Android iPhone iPhone X

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  • New Moon Worksheet

    Posted on April 16 2018

    Hello Lovelies! Today is the new moon in Aries which is a key time to plan out the future. Aries is a high momentum time (have you been feeling it?...

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  • April Monthly Moon

    Posted on April 03 2018

    Download your April Moon background here! iPhone                 Android               iPhone X

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  • March Moon

    Posted on March 02 2018

    Download your March Moon phone background here! iPhone                                     Android           ...

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  • February Monthly Moon

    Posted on February 07 2018

    iPhone download iPhone X download Android download  

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  • January Moon Calendar

    Posted on January 02 2018

    We've gone digital! Click here for Apple Click here for Android xo, Dana  

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  • December Moon Calendar

    Posted on December 01 2017

    Here is your December Moon Calendar!

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  • November Moon Calendar

    Posted on October 31 2017

    Here is your November 2017 Moon Calendar!

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  • October Moon Calendar Download

    Posted on October 01 2017

    Happy October!

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  • September Moon Calendar Download

    Posted on September 02 2017

    Happy September!   

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  • August Calendar Download

    Posted on August 02 2017

    Download Here

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  • July Moon Calendar Download

    Posted on July 01 2017

    Happy July! Some might even say Rabbit Rabbit. But today I am saying Desert Fox, Desert Fox... Not quite the same ring.  Here is your new calendar! xoxo, Dana  

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  • Solstice

    Posted on June 21 2017

    Happy Solstice! I made this free phone background for you.  May your days be filled with magic. xoxo, Dana

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  • June Moon

    Posted on June 01 2017

    Download your monthly moon calendar here! xoxo, Dana  

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  • May Moon Calendar Download

    Posted on May 02 2017

    Hello May! Here is your free May Moon Calendar: xo, Dana  

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  • April Moon Calendar Download

    Posted on March 31 2017

    Hello April!  The second month of spring really feels like the first to me. April is the perfect time for new projects and change.    Download the calendar to keep...

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  • March Moon Calendar Download

    Posted on March 01 2017

    Do you ever think to yourself that your life could do with a bit of magic? I'm talking about the kind of magic that reminds you that the world we live...

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  • February Moon Calendar Download

    Posted on February 02 2017

    Download and print this moon calendar for free. Click image to download  

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